Fog Lights

Okay… explain this to me: I bring my car in to have the two front-end turn signals replaced (because they’re unreachable by normal means) as well as the license plate light so that I can get my car inspected and somehow this ends up costing me over three hundred dollars??? Why is it that when I bring my car to the shop the repairs never begin and end with what I ask for? Why is it that they always find something else wrong? And, lastly, why is it that my broken fog lights, which have never been a problem during inspection over the past three years and now suddenly are, cost a hundred and twenty bucks a piece to fix? Explain it to me.

As the dealership provided ride-home headed towards my apartment I began to get worried. The driver that was bringing me and two others back to our humble abodes was bitching about his bosses and why in the hell they would saddle him with a car that’s driver’s side mirror is half hanging off to drive us home. He says, “I hope they take better care of your cars than they take care of mine.” He tells us a story about how one time he was driving people around in a van and the door broke and the dealership just wired/tied it shut with a little bit of cable.

Less than an hour later they called me up to tell me that the two front lights I had asked them to fix were mysteriously working and that the fog lights needed to be replaced. I argued a bit but they told me that it wouldn’t pass inspection unless all of the lights were working. I told them to go ahead and do it, tallying the total in my head and knowing that Stephanie wouldn’t be pleased. Our budget is tight as it is without me and my lemon of a car adding problems.

It was three o’clock before I heard back from them again and they sent a car to bring me back to the dealership. The same guy and I sat in traffic for almost a half-hour in the heat, along a stretch of road that usually only takes ten minutes to navigate. He wasn’t bitching about the dealership anymore which made me feel a little bit better. He was a nice guy who I had nothing in common with and I tried my best to carry on a conversation without being a dork.

When I got there I paid for my car and went out to check out what they’d done. The first thing I did was test the turn signals which they said were working and guess what… they weren’t. Not at all.

I walked back into the office, brought the guy outside with me and showed him what I was talking about. He told me he wasn’t sure if those were supposed to blink or not. I stifled my anger as he told me he’d take it in and look at it.

Thirty to forty minutes of watching the Montel show in their lounge later, I was finally out of there and wondering: If all of the lights need to be working to pass inspection, how is it that they passed my car without those lights working? How is it that they didn’t know those were supposed to blink? Sure, there were another set of smaller lights that blinked and were working properly, but how could you mistake those for the main blinkers?

Anyway, I have my car back and I don’t have to worry about any of this stupid little problems for another year.

Except they told me I have to have my brakes looked at soon. Isn’t that just wonderful?