“The word ‘bok’ does not have a second O in it…”

Ah, the things you’ll find when digging through your own website for crap you uploaded once upon a time and forgot about… Exhibit A: the article I wrote for the 1995 edition of the Chelmsford High School Voide. My topic: The 70’s Prevention Society. What, your school didn’t have one?

For those not in the know, The Voide was our school newspaper’s annual April Fool’s Day edition. The editorial style was akin to a tenth-grade version of The Onion, but oh the fun I had writing that article. And then there’s the audio I have of the interviews I did, which is sitting on the computer at home, waiting to be turned over to the Enquirer, or the Weekly World News, should Will ever decide to run for Jesus, as, in the article, he said he promised he would soon do.

A choice excerpt:

The word ‘bok’ does not have a second O in it. It’s B-O-K, ok? BOK! BOK! BOK! BOK! No books, no such thing. That’s not a real word. It’s BOK!

This, of course, makes no sense to anyone who wasn’t there, but it’s my webpage and I don’t care. It’s funny, regardless. Check it out! And while you’re at it, check out the cover I did for it, too.