Thirty-One (16 of 31)

Friday is Friday is Friday, right? I mean, what’s not to like about Friday? Nothing, right?

Isn’t it impressive that I can end every sentence in a paragraph with a question mark? I think it is, don’t I?

Here’s today’s throwback entry of the day.

barbie & spaghettios

the process of packing my lunch in the morning is always punctuated by some really strange thoughts. you see i am a big fan of the little plastic serving-size plastic Chef Boyardee thingies. they come in all sorts of varieties, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, etc. our cupboards are overflowing with this stuff. the problem is that i tend to take into consideration way too many things when deciding on which variety to take in the morning. this morning for example, i was choosing between spaghettios (which are curiously marketed as a kids product, which always pisses me off… i mean does that mean because i’m 21 i am not allowed to appreciate the virtues of spaghettios? its things like that, that inevitably cause us old people a lot of grief… i mean why couldn’t they just take the “kids” logo off of it? huh? why?) and lasagna. the lasagna always fills me up, and i tend to feel like i’ve gotten a whole meal out of that little plastic containter. but the spaghettios always make me feel silly, always sort of brighten my day by suggesting to my Id (or is it my ego… i only took one semester of psych so sue me…) that i’m eating something meant for a seven year old. it was a tough decision. in the end the spaghettios won out. i was supposed to be in a silly mood today. and i thought that would just hit the spot in the middle of the day, a silly meal for a silly day.

except that i haven’t exactly been in a silly mood today. really, i’ve just been annoyed. there wasn’t a lot of work to do today at work, and so i was left to my most favorite of tasks, finding something to do. ‘cause its sort of like, you know that you could just sit there at the ‘puter and fuck around all day (did i just say fuck without a * replacing the u? i really have left geocities. woo-hoo!) but your ego (or is it your id… goddamn it… i lived with two psych majors and was really good friends with another, like seven… where are they when i need them?) tells you that you better do some fucking (i’m really loving that i can do that… lets try it again FUCK!!! yay, no *. i’m very excited by this. very FUCKING excited!) thing. so then you have to find something for yourself to do. so i ended up doing stuff that i’ve done about sixty times over the past week… double checking things… really boring… except for that on one of my brain breaks i came across a startling discovery.

you can design your own barbie doll online!

i was overjoyed and i got to work. it really is so much fun. i mean, you pick the hairstyle, the hair-color, the complexion, the clothes… of course you still can’t make a fat barbie, but hey nothing’s perfect. really i was just in awe of the power i had. i could create the perfect barbie.

but you know what i don’t get, wouldn’t it make more sense, from a marketing perspective, to let little girls create the perfect ken, instead of the perfect barbie? i don’t know. just a thought.

i could say something really offensive right here, but i won’t.

okay maybe i will. i really think that if we’re gonna talk about offensive shit, this pretty much takes the cake. as if barbie wasn’t damaging enough to the psyches of young girls (i mean… a real woman could not even stand up proportioned like that) giving them the chance to make their own barbie, but pretty much showing them that the only options are the same rail thin, big chested bimbos has got to be more damaging. i mean, aren’t you essentially telling them that the only types of girls there are, are these four or five options we’re presenting to you? i think that mattel had an opportunity to really do something positive with this, but they missed their chance. i for one would much rather be able to build myself a fat barbie, or even just a pleasingly plump barbie. i’d buy that for my cousin, knowing full well that it would send her a better message than the doll i was able to create today.

wow. that was deep. and to think i started off talking about spaghettios.