Thirty-One (25 of 31)

It’s the unexpected gifts that always make my day on Christmas. I love getting the things that I’ve asked for — there’s no question about that — but I also really love to be surprised. This year, the big surprise, though I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise at all, considering how excited everyone in our family is about the arrival of the baby, was how many gifts there were under the tree for Kaylee. Though she’s not even out here in the world yet, she’s already being spoiled, and, really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But included in that that big surprise was a smaller, more poignant one. Earlier this year, Mom and I had been discussing what my favorite children’s book was, and I had mentioned The Monster at the End of this Book as a story I remembered most fondly. Well, amongst the many, many wonderful things that were under the tree for Kaylee this year was a copy of that very book, a book I wasn’t even sure was in print anymore.

The rest of Christmas day was splendid, as well, with DVDs galore, a scratch ticket worth forty bucks, and a pair of pants that will actually fit my ever-enlarging ass, but it was the gift of that book that stood out the most for me. I had been reading, earlier that morning, about how Trixie’s parents had wrapped up a box of Princess cereal and how Trixie had absolutely loved it, and I guess that sentiment never changes: sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that mean the most.

Anyway, here’s a silly, pointless entry from Christmas eve of 1999, which I present to you for no other reason than to get to repost the silly pictures that were part of it.

Mary Christmas

twas the night before christmas and all was alright, for the first time in months our hero was bright, not bright as in smart, why he was never that, but bright as in light, but not light as in weight, he was never that either…

oh fuck the fucking poetry. i was never good at dat shit.


For the first time in quite a long time, I have decided to use capital letters. Perhaps I’ll make this my Christmas gift to you. Capital letters! YAY!!!

Hey, wipe that frown off your face. Its the fuckin thought that counts right? Yeah, fuck you too.

Okay, now lets get serious for a moment. This is our first Christmas together. We should take a moment to really consider ourselves lucky that we have this webpage. It is truly a gift from God is it not? We are truly lucky that we have this…

Okay, i’m just in a fucking wacky mood and I don’t really have much to say except Mary Christmas. Merry Christmas I mean.

Okay, after two really fucking depressing entries I suppose I owe you something uplifting. I’m not real sure what to offer you except that I am really happy. Stef and I have been agonizing over how to make this whole Christmas thing work. Last year we spent the holiday apart and it sucked. I was so worried that I was going to have to face that fate again. I think she was too. We were both totally clueless as to how to see her family and my family and each other all within two days. That’s the hardest thing: When you feel obligated to be so many different places at once. Well… we’ve figured it all out. Tonight we’ll spend time with her family in Maine, and then tommorow we’ll get up real early and make the trek back to my ‘rents house in Chelmsford.

It’ll all be good.

I hope your holiday is good, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Merry Christmas.