Today as I was flipping through the two-hundred plus stations we get I came across a station advertising a Celtics-Lakers game. I was naturally intrigued. How could this be? The Celtics were eliminated last night. It turns out that one of the stations we get is ESPN Classic and they were playing a repeat of the Celtics 1985 Game 4 Finals win over L.A. It was an exciting game and it was the kind of basketball I like to watch: fast but strategic, everyone involved, and exciting.

Then I came back to my computer and was reading Lynda’s blog and she was talking about this neat but scary software that allowed her to zoom all the way in via satellite to see her apartment building. I was curious so I downloaded it.

And I can see my apartment too and I’m scared.

I can’t quite make out my parents’ house but I got pretty close. My apartment though… Jesus Christ… I can almost make out my damn car in the parking lot. The images are surprisingly clear and it makes you wonder if they can see that far, what’s to prevent them from looking a little further? What’s to say they couldn’t do some sort of infared thingy and see me jerking off at my computer right now…

I’m not jerking off right now actually. I was just trying to illustrate a point. Please keep that in mind.

Steffy went off to a bridal shower for MaryAnn today in New York (outside of Albany) and she’s planning on driving back tonight. She’s not back yet and I’m getting a little bit worried because of what her timeframe originally looked like. She’s about an hour and a half late already and I’m sure she’s had a long day. Her cellphone is here at home to boot.

Anyway, that’s today in a nutshell. I’m going to go see if I can see Bradford College via this thing.