Week 31 - No Jacuzzis In Utero

Dear Kaylee,

After eleven days away from the office, I went back to work this week and that’s probably why I don’t have as much to say about the thirty-first week of this little adventure of ours. You were kicking and moving and making your presence felt on a regular basis, and you were keeping a pretty consistent schedule, which I’ve read is a very good thing. As had been your custom for some time now, you were most active after meals, particularly after the very late dinners your mother and I were forced into by my insane work schedule. Nine o’clock in the evening, give or take thirty minutes or so, seemed to be your favorite time of the day to raise a ruckus inside your increasingly cramped quarters.

Like any growing child, your “room”, so to speak, was beginning to feel much less spacious than it once had. You were in the midst of a growth spurt, gaining weight faster than you were increasing in length. And, unlike the weight your father was gaining simultaneously, the pounds you were putting on (at the rate of of about half a pound a week) were a good thing. It would still be some time before you were ready to move out, but I’m sure that you were beginning to consider your options. As nice as life in the womb had been, there was no jacuzzi, no walk-in closets, and no ocean views.

This week, you were nearing the end of your journey in the womb. We were drawing ever closer to that last little bit of the trip, where anything can and will happen. Maybe these last two months would be calm and peaceful and predictable, or maybe they wouldn’t. In any case, yours was a story that, for me at least, kept getting more and more interesting, the type of story whose ending you long to flip to, but whose every page seems, well, unskippable.

Love, Dad