Week 33 - Showered With Love (and lots and lots of onesies)

Dear Kaylee,

What must you have been thinking inside your mother’s womb on Saturday, as both she and I opened present after present, as dozens of voices, some of which you were hearing for the very first time, wished the three of us the best of luck? Could you feel even the smallest hint of the love in the room for you? Did you notice your mom’s pulse quicken at the sight of a particularly thoughtful or extravagant gift? Could you feel the warmth of the hugs that were being doled out like candy at Halloween? It’s my hope that in some small way you did have a sense of what was going on outside of your mother’s body, that on some primal level you understood how loved and adored you were by all those voices you were hearing. It’s my hope that you understood, though you would never remember it, that this party was not as much for your parents as it was for you.

More than the gifts we received — which were both plentiful and wonderful — I think it was the sense that we were given that we had a true support net around us which made Saturday memorable. When you gather that many people under one roof and you realize how absolutely committed they all are to supporting you — well, that’s a wonderful thing. Your mother and I left feeling that, as far as we might fall as parents, or as a family, there would always be someone there to pick us back up.

We also left with gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Never before has a child been so spoiled before even having made her proper entrance into the world. We joked that you would never in your life have to wear the same thing twice, at least not until pre-school. And by that point, we assumed with a chuckle or two, you would become so accustomed to a vast and varied wardrobe that we might be likely to hear you say, “I can’t wear this, daddy. I wore it last month.”

And there were toys as well. There were at least three Snoopys, three or four bears, a rabbit, a duck, and one stuffed toy, bought for you by your honorary-aunt Jill, named Rico. I can’t remember exactly what Rico is (he might be a dog of some sort) but I do know that he lived up to the advertising on his package — “Best Toy”. Yes, Rico was rather cool.

In fact, now that I think about it, his name might not even have been Rico. I am feeling quite forgetful at the moment. If you could see your room right now, where all the presents are stacked at the moment, if you could see how many packages your mother and I opened on Saturday, you’d understand.

But anyway, as I said to someone on Saturday evening, it was the combination of both cute and practical gifts which made the event as wonderful as it was. We received so many diapers, washcloths, and other essentials that we might not have to buy any of that stuff for a good, long while. And, with money as strained as it is in our household at the moment, that is a very good thing.

So, we had ourselves a terrific day. We saw faces we hadn’t seen in ages, including your great aunt and uncle, Lil and Bill, who were up from North Carolina. We chatted it up with as many people as we could. And we really and truly felt the love. Your Grammy Clark threw us, and you, the most amazing baby shower in the world and she, along with everyone else who was there, put a smile on our faces that it’s still rather hard to wipe off, even as I write this a few days later.

They say that, during the last month before birth, babies begin to dream. Nobody knows exactly what babies dream about, but its my hope, after being surrounded by so much love on Saturday, that your dreams that day were nothing but sweet.

Love, Dad

LettersE. Christopher Clark