Week 37 - Officially On Time

Dear Kaylee,

At the end of this week you were officially “on time”. That is, you had reached the point at which your departure from the womb and into the world would no longer have been considered premature. Whenever you decided you were ready, it was now perfectly okay for you to make your debut. The forty-week due date is only an estimate. That date simply marks the middle of a four-week window, from the beginning of week 38 through the end of week 42, that doctors and scientists and men and women far smarter than your father have decided is “on time”.

In terms of what you were doing in utero, there’s not much else to say that I haven’t already said. You had assumed the head-down position that is preferable for delivery, though you had not moved all that far down into your mother’s pelvis, at least as far as the doctor could tell on Tuesday morning. And aside from assuming the position, as it were, you continued to grow, adding on pounds while maintaining about the same height/length.

In the outside world, your mom and I were discussing how long she should continue to work before taking some time off in anticipation of your arrival. We were trying to come up with a childcare plan, some idea of who was going to take care of you after the six-weeks we’d allotted for your mom to stay home with you. And we were busying ourselves with the worries and concerns that all parents face, while still managing to maintain a level of excitement heretofore unheard of in our household. We couldn’t wait to hold you in our arms, to changing your stinky diapers, and to listen to people marvel at how cute you were.

Love, Dad

LettersE. Christopher Clark