How To Piss Me Off…

...make me listen to “drive-time” radio. Honestly, there’s nothing I find more annoying while driving than listening to some self-important disc jockey blabbering on about nothing when he or she should be playing music instead. I have no interest in talk radio, shock radio, and I especially have no interest in David Lee Roth. The news that Roth was a bomb on Boston radio in January actually made me smile. Maybe, if he continues to bomb, CBS and ‘BCN will actually wise up and play some fucking music instead.

Matty, Lander, and Hill-Man — they can all piss off, too. Just shut up and play some fucking tunes, man.

P.S. On a more pleasant note, and maybe this could get filed under “How To Make Me Smile”, I’ve caught bits and pieces of my old pal Andy manning the mic during my drive home in the evenings this week. Andy does it the way I think it should be done: he offers maybe a sentence or two, or maybe three, either commenting on the last song or prepping us for the next one or squeezing in some bit of information that might actually be useful or amusing to the listener. That’s all the talking I want to hear, just thirty to forty-five seconds worth, and that’s it.

And if the damn cassette-adapter in my car would only cooperate, I wouldn’t be dealing with this at all; I’d just be listening to my iPod. Cold-ass New England weather is to blame, I think.