Anyone With The Bling-Bling

For a very long time I have been interested in self-publishing. I’ve certainly talked about it on this page enough and really, this page is an example of that core desire itself. I write things that don’t seem to fit into the guidelines of the places I’d like to see my name in. Either my stuff is too long, or too short, or it’s got just a little too much of this or too much of that. Rather than censor myself for the sake of a byline I have thought long and hard about the idea of publishing myself. What could be so wrong with that?

For starters I think there’s some stigma about authors who go out and self-publish. “What is the matter with them? Why not submit through a regular publisher like everyone else? Is your book too good for them? Probably not. My guess is, it’s not good at all.”

I wonder, can a self-publisher ever be taken seriously by the world at large? If we live in a world where anyone with few hundred bucks can get their drivel on shelves, what does that mean?

My thoughts on all of this are deep but not very composed. As far back as May 27 of last year I’ve been talking about this company, Xlibris. I really think they’re the one for me. They don’t take any of your publishing rights (which is a problem with the plethora of “vanity” publishers out there). They charge a reasonable rate for printing your book and distributing it. They are a partner of Random House.

Anyway, I have all these stories that I really want to put out there and all of my other concerns aside, the main thing I wonder is: Is there an audience? Will people shell out the bucks to buy my book?

Tell ya what… email Would you buy it willingly and enthusiastically? Or, would you not buy it even if you were promised a chance at a Golden Ticket and a trip to WonkaLand?