One Down, One and a Half To Go

I just finished the chapter I’ve been working on for well over a month. The writing is like pulling teeth nowadays, but at the end it’s always worth it. Closing Microsoft Word after I’ve pressed CTRL+S to save the file one last time — well, that always elicits at least a “Woo-hoo!” out of me.

After finishing, I read the whole thing to Stephanie, who sat through all twenty pages of it on an uncomfortable bench (we moved our comfy chair, which she used to sit in for my readings, into the baby’s room). And she liked it. Though she did point out a couple of places where it could use some tightening up, she thought the piece worked very, very well. And, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I respect her opinion quite a bit. She doesn’t take it especially easy on me just because I’m her husband, and that’s the sort of spouse/critic that every writer needs.

The chapter is titled, “Lowell - December 1995”, for those of you who are curious. It takes place about halfway through the novel, or maybe a little bit before halfway. And now that it’s done, there are one and a half chapters left to complete: “Harwich - November 1998”, which is being written from scratch; and “Harwich/Boston - October 2004”, the final chapter, which has already been written, but requires a thorough overhaul.

These chapter titles mean nothing to you, I know. And for that I’m sorry. But please just trust me when I say that they will kick ass and that the novel, as a whole, will kick even more ass. So sayeth the Clark!

So sayeth the flock!