Week 39 - Any Day Now

Dear Kaylee,

Sometime late this week, with my ear pressed to your mother’s belly, I swore that I heard your heart beating. They say it’s possible, but I never thought it probable. I have bad ears, after all. And an overactive imagination, to boot. But your mother believed me, and so did everyone else I told. So, why bother questioning it? I heard your heart beating, without the help of any little machines, and it was, for lack of a better word, neat.

This week the pregnancy continued to grow tougher for your mother, and her desire for you to finally come out was building day by day. On what was supposed to be her final day of work, she had to call in sick because she’d been throwing up all night. And having to prick her fingers four times a day to do blood sugar tests wasn’t a picnic either. And there was the fact that she still had a cold, too. The belly was weighing her down, her back was sore, her ankles swollen, and, though she tried her best to keep upbeat, I could tell that it was wearing her down. While out at dinner tonight with your grandparents and your great grandma, we each gave an opinion about when we thought you would arrive. Your mother was hoping that that those of us who were picking you to come early were going to be right.

Inside the womb, you continued to wiggle your bottom from one side of your mother’s belly to the other. The shape of her belly was anything but the perfect sphere we’d seen so often on television and in the movies. Depending on which side you’d settled on at that particular moment, it was always lopsided one way or the other.

Aside from the bottom wiggling, and two perfectly normal scores on the non-stress tests conducted this week, it was hard to tell what or how you were doing in there. The web sites that I’d been reading to keep up with your development were at the point now where their entries didn’t go much beyond, “She could arrive any day now!” And the books I had at my disposal weren’t much better.

So, in the end, all I can tell you is that you seemed ready to come out, that your mother was ready for you to come out, and that it really was only a matter of time. “She could arrive any day now!” was all there really was to say.

Love, Dad