Baby Shower Pictures (Finally!)

I finally got off my ass and posted a selection of baby shower photographs. I cribbed a few of them from my mom and a few from Sara (though I didn’t ask their permission to repost them, so I suppose there could be a beatin’ in my future, verbal or physical), but the bulk of them are from my own camera, which Julee was using.

I’ve never really had a chance to work on the layout for the gallery section, and the default one that comes with Expression Engine breaks gracelessly in Firefox, so beware. The images from my camera are a bit big, also (the images from Mom and from Sara are slightly smaller because I only had access to lower-res versions I got off the net). But anyway… I’m sure that, if you’re interested, you’ll enjoy them just the same.

UPDATE (03.07.2006): Clear your cache and refresh your browsers, because, with a slight reduction in the size of the big images (they were too big anyway), I was able to get the Gallery working properly in Firefox. And if you’re not using Firefox, why aren’t you?