“Let the heathen spill theirs, on the dusty ground”

This afternoon, in the presence of a public notary, I signed a document giving the fertility clinic permission to dispose of the two deposits I made back on June 1. Those samples had not been needed on the day of egg retrieval, the sample that I provided that day having been adequate. And since we have a baby due to arrive at any moment, and it costs a boatload to keep my “troops” on ice, we decided that it would be quite all right to get rid of them.

I know, I know… Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good. Every sperm is needed in your neighborhood. But unless the boys from Monty Python want to foot the bill, there’s nothing I can do.

Meanwhile, back in New Hampshire, Stephanie’s weekly doctor’s visit was going well. As of today, she is one to two centimeters dilated and seventy-five percent effaced. The baby has passed each of her non-stress tests with flying colors and Stephanie’s blood sugar levels have been fine since she went on the anti-diabetic medicine. So, everything is going well. But the real news that came out of today’s appointment is that Stephanie will be induced next Tuesday, March 14, if the baby hasn’t arrived by then.

My research indicates that doctors typically wait up to two weeks after the due date to induce labor. But, given the situation with the diabetes and the potential for a huge baby if Stephanie goes too long, the doctor wants to be safe and get our little girl out of there before the situation has any chance to head south. There’s nothing to worry about, but there could be something to worry about if we let her go too long.

All of this is fine with me. It’s nice to know that, one way or another, the baby will be here in a week. Unless, of course, Stef labors for over 24 hours or something. But let’s just not even think about that, okay?