A Gift To Her Old Man

Though she’ll have no idea of it until she’s older, Kaylee has provided me with a substantial gift before even being born. By opting not to arrive early, she gave me time to complete a task I was almost certain I could not complete. Today I finished the draft of my novel I’ve been working on for nearly six months. Though much of the work was new work, new additions, and not the truly difficult work of revision, and though much of this new work is rough, it still leaves me with a complete story for the first time since last summer, when, shortly after handing in my thesis, I decided there was still more story to tell. Finally, I have all of the puzzle pieces I need. And now all that remains is fitting them together.

And then, of course, revision, revision and more revision.

But for now I’ll be happy that I got done what I wanted to get done, and that when the baby arrives there won’t be any lingering doubt that I could have done more.