After stewing over it for nine months, with only very intermittent progress being made, the revise and relaunch project was completed this weekend. The site, which lost focus following my dissolving of Clarkwoods Press, has now been reimagined as a family news, photos, and genealogy site. The genealogy part had always been there; the photos and the news are new.

I’m most proud of the work I did with the photos section. Though I’m still working on an archiving scheme and several other features, I’m really pleased with how the site’s working, even at this early stage. Clarkwoods Photos will be the place to find new pictures of Kaylee, soon after they’ve been taken. And it’ll be the only place you can find high-res versions of the pictures to download and send off to your preferred photo printing vendor.

Plus, it’s my first successful (at least I think it’s successful) foray into percentage-based web design; that is, it’s a layout and design that’s flexible, based on browser size. Previously, I’d worked only with fixed-width designs, believing it impossible to do a percentage-based design which looked good and remained functional.

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