Year 01 | Week 02

Dear Kaylee,

When I came home on Monday night and stood beside the couch to say hello to your mother, you did something I never would have expected. You turned your head toward me when you heard my voice. The look on your face seemed to express both happiness and surprise. It seemed to be saying, “Oh, I remember you. Where have you been?” It was an amazing look, your wide eyes and drooping mouth saying more than words ever could. You seemed to have missed me while I was gone and I guess, while I knew that, in theory, you would one day miss me, I wasn’t really prepared for it. Your mom handed you over to me with a smile on her face and went to make dinner. And then you and I sat there on the couch, just hanging out, my face mesmerizing you, your face mesmerizing me.

Our moment didn’t last long, of course. You’d thrown up earlier in the evening, just after a feeding, and you were growing hungry again. By the time your mom finished cooking our dinner, you had lost all patience with us and were wailing like mad. When I put my plate aside and picked you up, you were at ease for a moment only, and then you were crying again. If I held you close, you turned your head to one side, squinting one eye while the other remained wide open. And then you’d open your mouth, as if my breast were going offer you the same thing that your mother’s did, and you’d growl a little, living up to the nickname we’d given you, Kaylee-Bear.

This was what our second week together was like. There were moments where you were the very picture of beauty and civility, like something straight out of the Kim Anderson greeting cards your mother and I exchanged when we were courting, and then there were the moments when you growled at us.

This week, you became much more comfortable with having your diaper changed, and with being naked, in general. So comfortable, in fact, that you often waited until the diaper was off to do your business. Gone was the screaming that came whenever we changed you in week 1, but here was a new and more effective way of getting back at us for the torturous ordeal we were putting you through. Oh, the laughing we did when you peed all over yourself and all over the changing table. And then, of course, there was the time that you peed on the changing table, waited until we’d taken you off of the changing table and placed you on a clean towel on the floor, and only then decided to poop. That was a real hoot.

Bill Cosby tells us that “kids say the darndest things.” But the truth is that, before kids can say anything, they do the darndest things. You were like that this week. And we loved every minute of it.

Love, Dad