Done With Misery. Now Taking The Stand.

I finished my reading of Misery up on Tuesday, took Wednesday as a day off from reading, and then moved on to The Stand on Thursday. And boy have I been pleasantly surprised. The book, which seemed so ominous just looking at it, is turning out to be a quick and exciting read. It’s also giving me a great deal of faith in the possibilities inherent in novels told from multiple points of view. The novel I’m working on now features four major P.O.V. characters—far fewer than King is using here, but a decent sum nonetheless—and it makes me smile to see that someone else did the same thing I’m doing, that he did it successfully, and that it remains one of his most beloved books. Each character’s story is fully realized, but you can tell that each story is leading toward the big story, and that propels you forward.

The Stand is also giving me great hope for the next bit of writing I see on my horizon. My oft-mentioned comic book project might actually work as a novel. At least that’s what The Stand has me thinking. Because, as I’m reading through The Stand, I can’t help but recall the ‘90s television mini-series they made of it, and when I compare the two in my mind I find that the novel is so much richer than a filmed or otherwise visual version could ever be. The story I’ve been thinking of as a comic book… well, it would still work wonderfully as a comic book, provided I could find the right artist to collaborate with… but The Stand is forcing me to consider the possibility that it might work equally well as a straight-up textual jaunt.