Year 01 | Week 04

Dear Kaylee,

Things were a little easier this week, or, at the very least, I handled them a bit better. As far as sleep goes, you had your good nights and you had your bad nights. But you were feeding regularly, and usually without issue, and you were passing gas like it was the most fun thing to do in the world, so the issue with the irregularity of your sleep cycle wasn’t something we allowed to get us down. If you couldn’t stick to a sleep schedule, so what! You were four weeks old, for Pete’s sake.

I was about to type that this was a week of firsts for you (I guess I just typed it anyway…) but every week was a week of firsts. Every day, in fact. This week it was taking your first extended trip away from home and spending the day with us as we visited your Grammy and Grampy Clark. And it was also this week that you were babysat for the first time, albeit for only an hour or two, so that your mother could meet with one of the staffing agencies working to get her a new job. One of your mom’s friends took care of you for that short while, and I’m told that the visit passed without incident.

You and I had our share of good times in the evenings when I got home. Sure, you were fussy from time to time. But, more often than not, you were in good spirits, and seemingly happy to see me. You only got really cranky when we tried to keep you awake until our bed time, so that we might catch a few more hours of sleep in between feedings. Otherwise, you were a happy, healthy baby.

Your eyesight was improving, so you could see a little further than you could before. You seemed to find my hair of great interest during the evenings when I held you, often staring up at it instead of my face. But you stared me right in the eye often enough, and if it was a staring contest we were having, you were usually the one who won. Adults are so much more easily distracted than babies. At least I think so.

During the days, you and your mother were experimenting with tummy time. You didn’t much like it, but I’ve read that not a lot of babies do. I laid down on the floor of our den one day and kept you company while you laid there, and that seemed to make a bit of difference, but not much.

All in all, as you approached that first huge milestone—ONE MONTH OLD?!? Egads! Time does fly.—you seemed to be adjusting quite nicely to life on the outside. I think that was most evident in the fact that you were willing to fall asleep anywhere, at any time, whether it be at a friend’s house, or at your grandparents’, so long as you were confident that there were a pair of loving arms to pick you up when things got rough. You were beginning to understand, I think, that you weren’t alone out here in this scary world, that if you screamed loud enough, someone would always be there to hold you. And sometimes, you realized, you didn’t have to scream at all. Sometimes we just knew when to hold you. And that, I would like to think, must’ve felt really good.

Love, Dad