The Son of the Sunday SpeedWrite

Okay, I have a question I need answered. I may come off as an idiot for asking this, but I need to know. Why are so many countries flags composed of the colors red, white, and blue? I mean, I understand that a lot of former British colonies or dominions might use those colors because of their significance in the mother country but why are France’s colors red, white, and blue then? France’s colors are red, white, and blue, aren’t they?

Today wasn’t much of a day but that’s probably exactly the kind of day that I needed. I got up late, ate very little breakfast, ate too much KFC Popcorn Chicken, and then got bitchy while doing shopping because we ended up with an incompetant bagger. After that we came home, did something I’m not allowed to talk about on this page and then watched TV and vegged out.

And then I realized I’ve been having this thought about flag colors for a while and maybe I should research it but then I figured my readers are wicked smart and they might be able to help me out, so I asked you guys.

If you don’t give me an answer I’m gonna have to go out and do some actual work and we don’t want that, now do we?

Uhm, what else… It’s really hard to write continuously for ten minutes without stopping. I make a lot of mistakes despite two years of typing lessons.

There was something else I wanted to talk about but I can’t remember what it was.

Oh yeah… everyone go visit JonMartin’s webpage and encourage him to write more often. He never listens to me because I think he thinks I’m just paying him lip service but I really love Jon’s page and the unique sense of humor and what-have-you that he offers us all. So go there now.

If I remember what I wanted to talk about I’ll talk about it tomorrow, but chances are I’ll remember it tomorrow morning on my walk or something and then forget it by the time it comes time to write this thing.

Oh well…