Five Years of Wedded Bliss

Today is my fifth wedding anniversary. Five years has always seemed like a long time in the abstract, but these five years have passed more quickly than I ever imagined they might. And sometimes more quickly than I’d like.

A year ago, I wrote about spending our anniversary at the doctor’s office. We’d finished with all of the initial infertility testing and our visit that day involved planning out our first IVF cycle. In regards to our chances for success, I wrote this guarded, perhaps pessimistic (at least at the end) forecast:

The IVF process will take about two and a half months for us. If all goes well, we should know whether we?ve been successful or not by the beginning of July. And if we?re successful, if everything goes exactly according to plan, we could be welcoming our first child by the middle of March 2006.

But, when has everything in my life ever gone exactly according to plan?

I had a right to be skeptical. When it comes to IVF, first cycles are often not successful cycles. And it was certainly true that in our lives—hell, in most peoples lives—things rarely ever went according to plan. But this time they did.

Last year I called our commitment to the IVF process our anniversary gift to each other. This year our gift to each other is the product of that process. And she’s more precious to us than a trip to Niagara Falls or an iPod could ever be.

We may be broke. There may not be flowers or candy this year, or even dinner out. But we have our baby. And she’s the best gift we’ve ever given each other, bar none.

(Though I still maintain that the iPod was the coolest material gift you could ever get for an anniversary…)