A quote for your cover by a New York Times bestselling author!

Maud Newton remains one of my favorite bloggers, despite her tendency to occasionally post things that strike me as snarky. Yesterday she posted this brilliant blurb about Booksurge’s Fiction Works publishing package. As you may or may not recall, Booksurge was the company I dealt with when I published Those Little Bastads. I didn’t have any real complaints about them, but I did always find their choice of add-on options a bit dismaying. If you want to know why there’s a stigma attached to self-publishing, then look no further:

Booksurge’s “FictionWorks publishing package” includes professional formatting, custom editing, marketing copy ... and a “full book review and quote for your cover by a New York Times bestselling author.”

The blurb and review are also available a la carte, for $399. (Thanks to Katharine for the link.)

Cost for someone to come over to your house, stand behind your desk chair, and press your fingertips to the keyboard to form words: negotiable. (Ass-wiping services not included.)

Footing the printing bill for your book so that you can get it out to the masses is one thing. Paying for a book review and a gushing blurb for your cover… well, that’s something else.