Fun World

A few months ago I remember reading an article on how arcades were on the way out thanks to the vast and constant improvements being made in the realm of home entertainment systems. Today, inspired by a visit to a video arcade on that loathable MTV show, TRL, I decided to pay a visit to the local arcade, Fun World. What I saw was disenchanting. It was pathetic. It made me want to buy a Playstation 2.

Fun World used to be so fucking cool. I remember going there when I was younger with tons of friends and wasting every dime I hadn’t wasted on comics. They had every game you could imagine. Some of them charged too much but most were reasonable. It was a damn cool place to be and that’s the place I was expecting when I walked in there today.

What I got instead was a withering building that had given over prime arcade real estate to an indoor roller coaster and carousel. What I got were games that were new the last time I went to an arcade… which was a long fucking time ago. It was sad as I played some random NBA game (even sadder when you consider that I lost to the Nets at the buzzer while playing as the Celtics) to look around and be able to count the number of machines on my hands and feet.

I was supposed to go to the Vital Records Building in Dorchester, MA today but by the time I got off my ass and on the road the parking lot at Alewife (a train station just outside of the city) was full and there was no place for me to go. I came home disappointed, cried about my lack of a job for a while, and then made my trek to Fun World.

I can’t stress how awful it was to see yet another place from my childhood falling into disrepair. I know it won’t be the last time that happens. I know that the landscape of my world is bound to change in an infinite number of ways during the rest of my lifetime. I know this but still it was sad.

And I’m never going to own a Playstation 2 either. Never ever. So my video game playing will always be relegated to games that work on my computer, the occasional visit to the home of KenMills, and visits to the now decaying Fun World.

Oy vey.