Year 01 | Week 10

Dear Kaylee,

This was the week when you picked up your first cold. Whether you gave it to me, or I gave it to you, I ended up with it, too. And now your mom has it, as well. So, it’s been a fun few days, full of bulb syringes and saline drops for you and decongestants and tissues for your mom and me. And nobody in our house has been in a particularly good mood, except, at times, for you.

Oh, by the way, a bulb syringe, in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, looks like this:

It’s used to suction stuff out of your tiny baby nose. Yesterday, though, after a smidgen of blood in your boogers prompted a call to the doctor, a nurse told us that we should stop using it, and that we should try saline drops instead, which is what we started today.

The best part of this particular ordeal is that, aside from being a bit more irritable at times, it hasn’t seemed like you’ve taken it as an ordeal at all. You’ve never had a fever and as long as we’re taking care of your other needs you just keep on smiling and being cheerful. You certainly didn’t appreciate how often we felt the need to stick a thermometer up your butt to confirm that you were still okay, but other than that you were your usual easygoing self for the better part of each day.

I guess that, if I had any complaints about how this week went, they would center around how well you napped when you were home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays as opposed to how well you napped at daycare during the rest of the week. It seemed as if I could never get you to go down for very long. Whether that was because I was putting you in the somewhat unfamiliar vastness of your crib instead of setting you in the close confines of the bassinet that has heretofore been the place you sleep, or because I wasn’t spending enough time rocking you to sleep (or perhaps spending too much time doing that), I don’t know. I just know that, by the end of the night tonight, you were exhausted. I had tried my best to get you some longish naps, but I’m still doing something wrong. You’re never this tired after a day at daycare, or on a day when mommy is around to do things the right way.

We had a good day otherwise, though. We ran errands in the morning, including your first trip to the library. And we spent the afternoon at home. My favorite moments were the funny face contests we had, and storybook time (we read from Finding Nemo, today), and, of course, the dancing. We danced to Cyndi Lauper (“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) and Glenn Miller (“In The Mood”) and anything else I could find in iTunes that you seemed to enjoy. And we even went for a walk, I having finally figured out how to get you into that Snugli contraption that you’d ridden in previously with your mother. That didn’t go so well, because I don’t think I had all the straps adjusted correctly, but it was nice to get you outside on what turned out to be a beautiful day.

Love, Dad