Supergroup on VH1

Earlier today, during one of Kaylee’s naps — I can never get her to sleep for more than an hour, which means a lot of little naps, at least on my watch. Ahem, as I was saying, during one of Kaylee’s naps earlier today, I was able to catch a rerun of the first episode of VH1’s Supergroup. The series, in case you’re not familiar with it, aims to put together a rock & roll supergroup over the span of twelve days. And the guys they picked out… well, the show will be a blast, at the very least. The music, who knows? Anyway, the lineup goes something like this:

Ted Nugent, the Motor City madman, on lead guitar
Scott Ian, Anthrax, on rhythm guitar
Evan Seinfeld, aka Mr. Tera Patrick, on bass (he was also in Biohazard, I know, but he actually seems to be prouder of the fact that he’s now married to an adult film star)
Jason Bonham, son of one of the best drummers of all time, on drums
and Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, on vocals

In the first episode you get everyone’s reactions as they meet their bandmates for the first time (nobody knew who they’d be playing with ahead of time, or so the show claims), you get the Nuge being the Nuge, which is always good for a few laughs (and a few cringes and shivers), and you get Evan and Sebastian deciding they want to record a demo and discovering that the producers haven’t set up the sound system for that.

They haven’t set up the sound system for them to record a demo? What the hell are they thinking, that these guys are just going to jam for twelve days? You put that many artists/egos in a room, each of them convinced that they have a once in a lifetime opportunity here, and you don’t think they’re going to want to record something? Sure, the point of the show is apparently the gig they’re going to play at the end, but you’ve got to figure that they’ll want to record at least a demo or two. Don’t you?

Anyway, it made for one heck of an amusing hour of television. And the previews of upcoming episodes that they showed at the end had me convinced that this is one program I’ll need to make room for in my schedule throughout its run.