My Weekend - The Reader’s Digest Version

I have a couple of stories from this weekend that I’ve been thinking about telling here, but I can’t seem to get the words out. It’s as if my writing muscles have atrophied and I am now incapable of setting down anything coherent. There’s the story of how wonderful it was to hear my old friend Prok read from his father’s biography on Friday night, a manuscript he’s been working on as part of the MFA program he just finished. There’s the story of how I came home on Friday evening to find Kaylee spending her first evening asleep in her own bedroom after three months of sharing a room with Stephanie and I, and the story of how I stayed up for a while listening to the crackling, distorted sound of rain coming through baby monitor as my daughter slept soundly.

There aren’t any stories about Saturday worth telling, except that we bumped into Mort in the grocery store parking lot just as he was leaving and we were coming in and that he got to meet a sleeping Kaylee for the first time. But that’s not really a story, since he had to get back in his car and take off almost right away (he was parked in the Fire Lane, after all).

As far as Sunday goes, there’s the story of my cousin Jessica’s co-ed wedding shower, where a slew of relatives got to meet Kaylee for the first time. And then there’s the story of how Kaylee did well all day until we tried to get her down for a nap in the early evening (she hadn’t had a good, long nap all day), at which point she went absolutely nuts with the crying and the being hysterical. But I’d prefer not to relive those few hours if I don’t have to.

So, that’s that, the Reader’s Digest version. Perhaps I’ll be able to write something else a little later on.