WIND and Queen

This morning I woke up early, showered, and drove off to Wilmington in a suit to attend a meeting of WIND (Wednesday Is Networking Day), a networking group that I’d heard about through the outplacement company that I was going through for a while. There were so many people there! I couldn’t believe it. I mean… I know how bad the job market is… but it’s one thing to imagine all these other people out of work and an entirely different thing to see them. The whole experience was daunting, yet oddly comforting. For once during this whole ordeal I didn’t feel alone.

When I got back home around one o’clock I popped a Lean Cuisine in the microwave and sat down to watch a little TV Well, let’s just say this… a little TV turned into a lot of TV. While flipping through the channels I discovered that the Love Story Channel, of all places, was playing the entirety of a made for TV miniseries based on Alex Haley’s second family history book, Queen. Alex Haley, for those of you who don’t know, wrote the bestseller Roots, which spawned a miniseries of its own, which helped ignite a passion for genealogy in the late 70s. You may remember me mentioning it last month when Stef and I bought the DVD boxed set.

I didn’t even know they’d made a miniseries out of the second book. I just had to watch. I had no idea if I’d ever have the chance to see it again. It might not be out on video. Who knew?

This miniseries, made in 1992, stars Halle Berry in the title role as Alex Haley’s paternal grandmother and it tells the tale from her birth into slavery all the way through her freedom and her son becoming the first black child in Savannah to complete grade school and then going off to college. Queen (Berry’s character) is the daughter of a plantation owner and Civil War corporal and one of his slaves. She is often mistaken for a white woman because of how pale she is in comparison to other slaves. It makes for a very interesting story.

It was so much more dark than Roots. Of course, both novels and miniseries are historical fiction. They’re based in fact but aren’t necessarily all true. But even if half of what this show portrayed was true… Damn.

Anyway, this would explain why, aside from going to the meeting today, I got nothing done. I didn’t even get the Humpday Surprise up until fifteen minutes ago, at about 6:45. You have to wonder what the point of a Wednesday Surprise is when most people won’t see it until Thursday morning when they get into work.

Oh fucking well.