Year 01 | Week 13

Dear Kaylee,

On Thursday afternoon, on a day when I didn’t have our digital camera on hand, you decided to take on belly-time as you never had before. You seemed to have a focus about you that I hadn’t see previously and, for maybe a moment or two, you actually seemed to be enjoying yourself. It was still frustrating for you that, hard as you grabbed hold of the edge of your playmat, you could not pull yourself forward. And it was still hard work, trying to keep your head up and steady. But you did it, and not only was I proud of you, you seemed to be proud of yourself.

I didn’t have the camera, so I took out the next best thing: my camera phone. Normally, you’re crying after only a couple of minutes of belly time; it’s just too much. But on this day, you were doing well enough to pose for pictures. And I almost didn’t wait to hear your wimpers of frustration before picking you up. I couldn’t wait to give you that post-belly-time hug that’s become a part of our routine.

This week also marked the first time you spent the night in your own bedroom, in your crib, instead of in our bedroom, in your bassinet. When I came home from a friend’s party late on Friday night, I actually had no idea you’d been moved. I knew that your mom had been talking about it, but we’d never settled on any particular start date. But, climbing the stairs in the dark, hearing the rain coming down hard from the open window on one side of the house, and then what sounded like a scratchy recording of the rain falling down hard coming from the other side of the house, I knew something was up. In my bedroom, I found your bassinet empty. But I also found our baby monitor alive and kicking, the source of that staticky echo of the rain. I crept across the hall to your bedroom and there you were, fast asleep. It was a strange, strange thing. And though I got into bed almost immediately, I didn’t fall to sleep for a long time.

Love, Dad