Gas and Baseball

Two important discoveries came out of yesterday, my first day home with Kaylee this week. One: She gets a lot fussier with me after meals than she ever does with her mother, but it’s probably not my fault. We’re thinking it’s the bottle versus the breast. She seems to get more gas when feeding from the bottle (we’ve read somewhere that that’s the tendency) and it doesn’t seem as easy for her to get it out.

And, Two: Kaylee likes the Red Sox. When nothing else was working yesterday afternoon, I turned on the tube and on came NESN’s re-broadcast of Tuesday night’s game. We tuned in just in time to see the offensive explosion in the bottom of the second and Kaylee was completely into it. I knew Aunt Tori would be very upset if I didn’t try to impart at least a little knowledge, given this opportunity, so I did my best to explain what was going on. But I think Kay would rather I had just stayed quiet. “Zip it, Dad,” she might have said, could she say anything at this point. “I’m trying to watch the game.”