My Work is Done Here?

Once again, I feel as if I’m getting to that point in my relationship with the Internet, with blogging, where I’m thinking it’s time to say, “My work is done here.” More often than not, when I come to the writing interface for this website, I find myself with nothing to say. I have ideas, and plans, and grand schemes. I have things that I plan to do someday, but I have nothing for the here and now. Here and now my interests are elsewhere. I’m interested in sending my novel out to a few friends to read, now that it’s done. I’m interested in playing with my daughter and watching her discover new things about her world. I’m interested in working on the comic book I’ve been talking about working on for ages. And I’m interested in reading whatever I can get my hands on.

But I’m not all that interested in writing web journal entries anymore. At least not right now.

Perhaps it’s that I got out of my “write every day” mode. Perhaps that was the only thing keeping me going last year. I don’t know. I do know that the cost of maintaining a presence on the web is one I can’t justify forever. If I’m not writing here on a regular basis, is there really any point in shelling out the cash every month to keep this place online? Again, I don’t know. And when even the writing of the letters to Kaylee begins to feel like a chore, shouldn’t I take that as a sign?

I guess I’m just in one of my moods again. This all started because I was trying to write an entry on what it felt like to finish the final edit of my novel yesterday afternoon. But then I got to thinking that I’ve written that entry already, about a dozen times, and that it was pointless to write it again.

I’ve got to find a subject. I’ve got to find focus. Or else I’m done.