Vegan Pizza, Karaoke, Burger Queens, and Pirates

What a weekend, man. It started on Friday with me driving into Boston to pick my brother up from the airport and it ended with me watching a special called Real Carribean Pirates on the History Channel. Everything in between is kind of a blur. A pleasant blur, to be sure, but a blur nonetheless.

Friday was vegan pizza and karaoke at a place in Allston called Do Re Mi. I sang Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” and joined in on a couple of other songs before capping it all off by punching the code for “Fight For Your Right” into the machine and winning lots of praise for doing so. It was interesting to sort of be a fly on the wall amongst my brother’s circle of friends, who were all there to celebrate the impending nuptuals of one of their own. I’d never really hung out with them before and, as a writer, as an observer of things, I took note of the particular dynamic they shared.

Karaoke lasted into the early morning on Saturday. After only three hours sleep, I was headed back to Boston for a cruise out to Provincetown with my Lesley pals, Sara and Jill. We spent most of our day on the boat, headed back and forth from P’town, but we did get to spend a few hours in that wonderfully colorful city and that made for a great day. We at burgers, fries and onion rings at a place called Burger Queen (no joke) and we wandered about the downtown area taking in the sights. I was dead tired on the drive home, but I did end up stopping by my parents’ house on the way back. Stephanie had brought Kaylee down to meet her Uncle John for the first time, and I didn’t want to miss that.

There was plenty of sleep to be had on Saturday evening, which was good. Sunday morning found Stephanie and me searching high and low throughout our house for a Showcase Cinemas gift card we’d been hoping to use to go and see the new Pirates of the Carribean flick. We couldn’t find the card, but we ended up going to the movie anyway. After dropping Kaylee off with my parents, and after a quick bite at Papa Gino’s, we drove over to Lowell and took in the show. I enjoyed it quite a bit, noting to Stephanie afterward how closely it followed the trilogy formula, wherein the second film is always the one where everything goes to hell.

Sunday evening, after dinner at my parents’ place, and some hang-out time with my Uncle Bill and Auntie Lil, we drove home and turned on the tube. The Sox had finally lost their nineteen-inning marathon of a game during the drive home, but there was a special on pirates on the History Channel and that’s what we watched as we got ourselves ready for bed.