Year 01 | Week 17

Dear Kaylee,

This week wasn’t nearly as busy as the week before, but it certainly wasn’t uneventful either. This week was the week that you met your Uncle John for the first time. He’d flown home from California to attend a friend’s wedding, but meeting you was also high on his agenda. It was Saturday afternoon when you finally got to hang out for the first time, and, though you were a bit cranky at that point, you two did seem to hit it off. He’d brought you home a whole slew of Eeyore dolls—classic Eeyore, Disneyfied Eeyore, flat-faced Pikachu-looking Eeyore, et cetera—and though you weren’t sure what to do with them at first, aside from chewing on their floppy ears, I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with them as time goes on. Why Eeyore, you ask? Because Eeyore was one of your Dad’s favorites, and Uncle John had been asking for months what he might bring home for you, and I never really had any thoughts on the subject, except that you seemed to dig blue and purple toys, which the more modern Eeyores would qualify as.

This was the week that brought you that much closer to four months old. A few days from now I’d be taking you in for your next doctor’s visit, and so I was thinking often of questions that might need to be asked and of answers I might need to provide. I was convinced that, once again, the doctor would marvel at your progress, at how high you could lift your head while lying down, at how close you came to rolling over, at how much talking you were doing. And I felt pretty certain that you wouldn’t have jumped off the curve in terms of weight or height.

I also remembered to prepare you for the shots that were coming. I wanted you to be prepared, unlike last time. But you didn’t seem all that stressed out when I told you that you were in for more shots. You just kept on with what you were doing: smiling, talking, or whatever.

I find that I don’t really have that much more to say about this week. Your Grammie Sue took care of you on Friday afternoon while I drove into the city to pick up your Uncle John; that should be noted. And you apparently had a blast hanging out with Grammie and Grampie and your great aunt and uncle on Sunday afternoon, while your mom and I went to see a movie. And you’ve been fussy the past two nights, fussier than we’ve ever seen you, but in both cases it’s eventually turned out to be a really stubborn gas bubble causing your distress, so all is well.

That’s that for this week. Next week we’ll have shots to talk about, and the doctor’s visit in general. But, for now, I’ll bid you adieu.

Love, Dad