All The News That’s Fit for Chris

At some point during last week’s boat trip to Provincetown, I found myself relating one of my favorite genealogy stories to Sara and Jill. It was the tale of Leonard Clark and how he was lost at sea in the vicinity of the very waters through which we were traveling, and how his foot, stocking, and boot washed ashore at a lighthouse “right over there.” Sara, who visits this website on occasion, and who knew of my frustration regarding a lack of material, suggested that Leonard’s story, and stories like it, were exactly the sort of thing I should consider posting here. Genealogy is something I’m knowledgeable about, something I’m passionate about and something that I love to talk about.

It got me thinking about what other things I really enjoy speaking about. There were other things, I knew. And it was those things, the things that I found myself regularly babbling on about during car rides and boat rides and social events of all sorts, that I should be writing about.

If the motto of this site were, “All the news that’s fit for Chris,” then it might cover the following: Comic books, Kevin Smith, the New England Patriots, genealogy, Smallville, Harry Potter, novels, film adaptations of novels and comics books, writing, publishing, Nine Inch Nails, Apple computers, popular music, and general geekery.

So maybe that’s what I’ll start focusing on. I used to love writing about my life (or at least I felt compelled to write about it), but that’s a stage that seems to have passed. Perhaps now it’s time to go back to the roots of this site, where I used this space to post all the cool crap I found on the Internet on that day. I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

In the meantime, anyone know of a web service that will allow me to punch in certain keywords (like those above) and get a custom news page/feed for myself to peruse each day. I was thinking that Google News might be a good resource, but I’m not sure if it works the way I want it to.