Oodles of Cuteness

It’s been nearly a month since either Stephanie or I took any pictures of Kaylee. There have been plenty of occasions to do so—Stef and Kay’s trip to Maine; Kay’s first feeding—but we just haven’t gotten it done. Thankfully, my mom has been there for a great many of these occasions (not the trip to Maine, of course) and she’s been snapping pictures for us. And I think it’s about time that everyone out there got to see what Kaylee’s been up to photo-wise for the last month. So, click the “Continue reading” link below for a couple of my favorites or visit the Clarkwoods Photos page for the whole she-bang.

Here’s Kaylee standing up in her PlayYard at my parents’ house (with a little help from Stef):

Here’s Kaylee meeting her Uncle John for the first time:

And, lastly, here’s a photo of Kaylee’s first feeding of solid food:

And that’s all folks.