Annotating My Filler Comic for Bizarre Uprising

About three years ago, I came up with an idea for a Bizarre Uprising fan-comic. Last week, I finally drew the damn thing. And today, since Yuji/Erik was away at Otakon this weekend, my “Three Years in the Making” piece was posted over at the BU website as a filler comic. My contribution is a total in-joke and I’ll be surprised if anyone who didn’t attend Bradford College finds it funny. Actually, I’ll be surprised if anyone who did attend Bradford finds it funny. But I found it funny, and Yuji and Razlo found it at least mildly amusing enough to put it on their site this week, so I decided to annotate it for everyone who might not understand what the hell I’m talking about in it.

The characters we have here are BU’s protagonist, Mitsu, and the mascot of the site you’re visiting at this very moment, That Little Bastad. Back in the day, a strip starring The Bastad could be found in the Bradford College newspaper, The Voice, alongside an early Erik-created strip titled Charging Chipmunk Man. The love-interest of the eponymous Charging Chipmunk Man was a fox named, I believe, Cindy Reynard (or Renard).

What Mitsu is witnessing off-panel in my strip is a sexual romp involving the aforementioned chipmunk and fox. And either Mitsu or the author has mistaken the chipmunk for a squirrel. Because this is my webpage, and it’s easy enough to blame a comic strip character, I say it’s Mitsu’s fault.

The “maker” that the Bastad is referring to is Erik, of course, in his role as co-creator of Mitsu, and not Our Holy Father. I’m pretty sure, based on what the Christians tell me, that God Almighty isn’t into anthropomorphic animals getting down.

Because I was lazy, I used the same drawing as Panel One as the basis for Panel Two. I simply Photoshopped Mitsu out of the frame and inserted the “YAK!!!” dialogue box. Why did I do this? Because, well, the Bastad was going to be the only character in the panel and his expression never changes anyway.

The reason it took me three years to do this strip was because I never had a punchline. Some might say I never had a joke either, but let’s just ignore them for a moment.

In this panel, we see Mitsu’s pal Toki gliding into the frame. I figured that, of all the characters in the BU universe, Toki would be the most likely to appreciate the goings-on. Toki’s line, “OOOH!!!! Inter-species erotica!!!” was inspired by the new Kevin Smith flick, Clerks II, which I saw a couple of weekends ago. In the Smith flick, a donkey show performer is offended by the word bestiality and insists that the act he and his equine lover put on should instead be referred to as “inter-species erotica”.

And there you have it, a full explanation of my elaborate in-joke. If it was funny before, I think I’ve successfully sucked the funny out of it now with my elaborate annotation. You’re welcome.