The Moose

Today was rainy and cold and we saw a moose. If I could distill it down to one sentence, that would be it. Stephanie was thrilled to be camping. Monica and Bob hadn’t gotten much sleep. My mind was on decidedly other things, not on the rain. These were but details of a rather simple day that can be summed up in that one sentence: Today was rainy and cold and we saw a moose.

When we arrived on Friday it wasn’t raining. You could tell it was going to rain. All the forecasters had told us it would and the skies certainly weren’t disagreeing with them. Stef and I arrived first, about a hour and a half prior to Monica and Bob’s arrival. We set up our new tarp first and then our tent, and finally the God-send of this trip, the air mattress my parents bought us last Christmas.

After everyone was set up we started a fire and I thawed the mostly frozen ground beef in it. I was really surprised that my crazy idea of wrapping the meat up in tin foil and sticking it near the flames actually worked. It defrosted the whole thing without even browning the edges, which is what usually happens when you defrost things in our microwave at home. When it was thawed I made hamburgers and everyone seemed pleased with my cooking. I guess all this time spent unemployed and baking and cooking all day has done me some good after all.

Dinner was through and soon it was time for bed. We talked a bit and then went to our seperate tents. That’s when it started to rain.

Today we made bacon and pancakes and Stef and I took a long walk down to the beach to let Monica and Bob decide if they were going to stay the second night. They decided to do so and then we made the trek from our campsite over to the Castle in the Clouds, an old manor open to the public. It was closed due to the weather and so Stef came up with the idea to drive around a bit. Monica and Bob mostly slept in the backseat. I was dozing off too.

And then in the middle of the woods on a dirt road, we saw the moose.

I had never seen one before and it was amazing and scary all at once. We weren’t going that fast and so braking came easily. There was never any real danger of hitting it but when it turned around after galluping past us and stared at us for two minutes I did feel a bit nervous it might charge.

It didn’t and after a little more driving we made our way back to the campsite. While it rained and the others tried to get the fire going I went out looking for dry wood with absolutely no luck. When I came back we made dinner (Spaghettios, tomato soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches) and then everyone else went off to take a shower while I tended the dwindling fire. On their return I went off to take my own shower and then I came back and wrote this.

It was rainy and cold and we saw a moose.