I Like to Betray Reality…

In an interview with BOMB magazine, the Mexican novelist Carmen Boullosa says, “Like all novelists, I like reality, and I also like to betray reality by correcting its flaws and ultimately reinventing it.”

I sent myself that quote on August 10, 2005 while researching Boullosa, who was scheduled to appear at a conference I’d be working at that fall. That was a year ago yesterday! I’d sent myself the quote with the intent of posting it here and writing something about it. It’s been sitting in my Inbox ever since. You want an example of how things fall through the cracks in the life of a writer, especially a writer who’s working on a novel? This is as perfect an example as I’ve yet seen.

I still don’t have anything to say about the quote, which might or might not speak for itself, but I figured I might as well finally post it, get it out of my inbox, and get it over with.