Finding Time to Breathe

We’ve entered that part of the year at work, the month directly preceding our annual conference, where finding time to breathe in between tasks is a bit like trying to find a 10th Anniversary Tickle-Me Elmo doll at Christmas-time for the child who will accept no substitutes.

I have a half-dozen e-mails sitting in my personal inbox from people who are looking to get together sometime this week, and I haven’t had the time to answer any of them (to any of you who might be reading this: Yes, we should get together. I’m in Boston Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and in New Hampshire on Wednesday and Friday). In terms of getting my novel out to prospective agents, I have made zero progress since first announcing my intentions to do so on this page all those weeks and months ago. And my fuse at home is shorter than usual. When Kaylee had a rare bad night sleeping last night, I did lots of screaming, probably more screaming than she did.

It didn’t help that the Patriots offense was playing like a JV squad last night, and that I stayed up to watch each and every minute of the game, but that’s a whole other story.

In short, things are going well in the Clark household. And things are going well at work. I just really haven’t had time to do anything outside of work, sleep, and eat.

Oh, and write this entry… but this doesn’t count, does it?