Movies I Still Haven’t Seen…

People tell me about movies I should see all the time. Or, rather, people tell me about movies I should see when I actually see people, which isn’t all that often, because I have no idea how to have a social life outside of the close confines of a college where all I had to do to be social was to walk over to the townhouse next door and knock on the door.

Ahem… anyway…

So, people tell me about movies I should see. And then it takes me years to actually see them. And usually, by the time I finally do see a film that’s been recommended to me, it’s been recommended to me by many people, and not just one.

So, here are a few films I haven’t seen that I have been told repeatedly to see. You bloggers out there can take this as a meme, if you like. Or feel free to use the comments section to add your own your own personal “haven’t seen” lists.

1. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
My Lesley pals Jill and Sara have told me about this flick countless times, and then Andy had to go and post a clip of it on his MySpace blog.

I’ve checked out clips of it on YouTube and it definitely seems like I’m missing out. It was on sale at Best Buy this weekend, but I had other things to pick up and so I didn’t get it. But someday…

2. Kill Bill, Volume 2
I saw the first part, so how sad is it that I never saw the conclusion?

3. The Princess Bride
It is my unholy quest never to see this film, since it appears that everyone else in existence has seen it and loves it. And we actually own this on DVD (thanks to my brother, who hoped to end the unholy quest at Christmas-time a couple of years ago), but I’ve still stayed strong.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Another one I own but haven’t seen. I bought it cheap a couple of years ago, but then read something about it having some horrible Asian stereotypes in it. Now that’s all I think of when I see the side of the box in my DVD cabinet, and that’s been enough to keep me from actually watching it.

5. Shaun of the Dead
Another one my brother bought me for Christmas that I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Or, to be more accurate, I’ve had a chance (a few, even), but never actually taken the chance. Silly me, I know. What’s not to love about a zombie movie?

6. Napoleon Dynamite
I am supposed to see this one, right? Anyway, people quote from it all the time (again, when I see people) and that means I should probably watch it so I know what the hell they’re talking about.

7. The Blair Witch Project
I don’t like horror films, but I suppose I should eventually see this one, right?

8. Citizen Kane
It’s AFI’s best movie of the past 100 years. But, now that I know what Rosebud is, do I really need to see it?

9. Chinatown
Syd Field, whose books on screenwriting I adore, raves about this film. And it’s got Jack in it, right? Alas, I have not yet basked in the glow of its greatness.

10. The Silence of the Lambs
He eats people, right? That’s reason enough not to see it in my book.