Bastad Seal of Approval: The Detroit Tigers Headed to the ALCS

Both my boss and our intern are from Michigan, and while neither of them is a huge Tigers fan they have both been rooting for their hometown team. I, too, have quietly been rooting for the Tigers all season, not only because they’re my boss’s team, but also because I like to see teams who haven’t done well in a long time finally get their chance to shine. I was rooting for them extra hard (and extra quietly) as they took on the Yankees over the past week. And now they’ve gone and carved themselves out a special place in the heart of this Red Sox fan. They’ve eliminated the Yanks and the only thing that could make this post-birthday weekend sweeter in terms of sports is if the Pats lay waste to the Dolphins tomorrow afternoon.

For now though, I’ll take what the Tiggers have given to me and be happy with that. Detroit gets the Bastad Seal of Approval today. May they get all the way to the Series and win the whole damned thing.