The Basket of Puppies Foundation

There are so many great lines in this Daily Show interview with NPR contributor David Rakoff that I don’t know where to start.

On congressman Foley and the Republican party’s reaction the scandal: “[they’re trying] to turn him into the evil gay worm in the shiny GOP apple”

On the Concerned Women for America, of which Robert Knight’s Culture and Family Institute is an offshoot: “Concerned women for America… not like those apathetic whores [unintelligible] and Hilary Clinton”

On Knight’s view of the Gay agenda as an actual itemized list: “Recruit children, have sex with them, spread AIDS.”

And, of course, the one that everyone else who’s posted this has picked up on: Knight’s response to Rakoff’s statement that HIV can be transmitted by heterosexual sex, which Rakoff reports was, “Yeah, but not as much. The vagina can take a lot of punishment.”

[Via Maud Newton]