Year 01 | Week 39

Dear Kaylee,

You sat on Santa Claus’s lap on Friday, listened to mommy and daddy’s old pal Jason serenade the crowd at his birthday party on Saturday, and showed off your ability to cruise around the coffee table at my family’s annual pre-Christmas gathering on Sunday. You napped through most of the Pats game on Sunday afternoon, having what I’m sure were much more pleasant dreams than the waking nightmares playing out on all three television screens at your grandparents’ house. You had an uneventful Monday, except for the fact that you ate whole peas and kernels of corn off of a real plate ALL BY YOURSELF. And, in general, you continued your heretofore successful campaign to make your daddy smile so much that his cheeks began to hurt on a daily basis.

I could say much more, and often I do, but I think I’ll keep it short this time around. Sometimes it’s good to know when to shut up. When a week that was so busy and chock full of events goes off without any real problems at all, you just have to sit back, report the facts, and not try to embellish too much. Sometimes fewer words are better words.

Love, Dad

LettersE. Christopher Clark