Gonna Make You Sweat!

It is 91 degrees here in good ole Dracut, Massachusetts. Ninety-fucking-one!!! Doesn’t Mother Nature realize that this is fucking Massachusetts for Christ’s sake? Couldn’t she give us some motherfucking snow instead of this bullshit? I’ve sweat through two shirts this afternoon sitting in my office where the air conditioning doesn’t reach. This is ridiculous. Ninety-one degree heat doesn’t belong in my fair state.

This morning I went to my third week of WIND (Wednesday is Networking Day) and networked my little butt off. I picked up another prospective job opportunity and a name to call for an informational interview. The Media & Communications sub-group, of which I am a member, critiqued my “thirty second commercial” which is a networking tool we’ve been taught about where you basically sum up your experience and what you’ll bring to a company in thirty seconds. Its also called an elevator speech, the idea being that you should be able to explain to someone exactly what you do within the duration of an elevator ride.

And speaking of elevators the job I got a lead on today is located in the same building I used to work in, about five floors lower. I used to see the damn place every day when I went to work. I find that very funny.

I just hope they give me an interview. This is another job I’d be perfect for.

Tonight Stef and I are going to an orientation session for a graduate program she wants to get into a Lesley University. It should be exciting except that I have to drive in my car with its lack of air conditioning to meet her at work. From there we’ll take her car but just the twenty minute ride in my automobile is enough to make me dread this evening.

Regardless its time for me to get changed. I’ve sweat through another shirt.