Two weeks to the day (and just about two weeks to the hour) after the mishap with the bowl and the sink and the flooding, I finally got our dishwasher going again. I know I’ve said that washing dishes by hand was no big deal, that I grew up without a dishwasher and that my life wasn’t going to grind to a halt without a working one now. But the truth of the matter is that doing dishes when you’ve got a baby to take care of, and a novel to finish writing, and a job to do well at — well, at this point in my life, the truth is that doing dishes by hand is a pain in the ass. I have so little time to myself nowadays that it’s been frustrating to spend so much of that time in front of the sink, washing bottles, cleaning out pans, et cetera, et cetera.

So, in short, I am very glad to have a working dishwasher again.

Now, if only I’d thought to try and fix it this morning, before I went ahead and hand-washed the three days worth of dishes that were spilling out of our sink, onto our countertop, and over onto our stove…

How did I fix it, you’re wondering. Well, I followed the instructions laid out by someone on the web, which I can’t find anymore. Basically, the same thing had happened to this dude, and water had ended up in the base of the dishwasher. It was exceptionally hard to get into the base of the dishwasher, and the only way to get at the water was through three little holes that pumped the water in and out. All the guy did was sop up the water again and again until it worked. That’s what I’d been doing, but I was pretty sure I’d sopped up all the water there was to sop up, and that the machine was a total loss. That is until I looked again today and found that there was more. I gave it another go, turned on the contraption, and voila!