White Mountain Computing

How strange is it that I’m sitting at a picnic table in the middle of the woods in New Hampshire with a laptop computer? I happen to think it is a bit fucking strange. I’m certainly not going to complain though. Having the laptop has enabled me to keep my promise to write every day this year, regardless of where the fuck in the wilderness Stef has taken me. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to writing this entry all damn day.

For the second year in a row we are camping with Stef’s family at a campground in Waterville Valley, just outside of the ski-resort town of the same name. We chose the campsite opposite the one we had last year, thinking that its bigger size would make for a more enjoyable experience.

We didn’t count on the fact that the fumes from the latrine waft right through our area.

Other than that though, it has been a mostly enjoyable trip so far. We got here late yesterday night and ate a meal of spaghettios, vegetables, and meat. Afterwards the family ate cookies I baked yesterday afternoon. They said they liked them.

Today we ate bagels and then drove across the state to another ski-area. Ski-areas are strange looking in August. Anyway, we drove there and took a gondola ride up to the summit and ate lunch. After that we walked a bit of the Appalachian Trail that runs through there. I joked that we better not be walking the full length of it which runs from Maine to Georgia, but it was also a statement that I wasn’t up for much hiking after a filling lunch. With her family, you never do know what might be planned, and it never hurts to let your feelings be known.

Anyway, after that we did a few more New Hampshirey things and came back to the campsite to find our tarps all over the place, all in disarray. They’re back to normal now, and I’m typing this.