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The fights that Stephanie and I had on Saturday morning were probably some of the worst we’ve ever had. Or, well, it might even be inaccurate to call them fights, since they were basically one-sided. I would storm around the house, pissed off that Stephanie, who was still not feeling well, couldn’t make up her mind about going to my friend Beth’s wedding or not going. Then I would get pissed off about whether I was taking both Stephanie and Kaylee down to my parents house for the day (while I went to the wedding alone), or whether Stephanie and Kaylee would drive down later, or whether I’d be taking Kaylee and leaving Stephanie alone at home. Then I’d get pissed off about something else. And, throughout it all, Stephanie was basically just doing her best not to throttle me. She didn’t yell at me even once, which is just one of the zillions of reasons why she’s amazing.

In the end, I took Stephanie and Kaylee to stay with my parents for the day and then drove down to Newport for Beth’s wedding by myself. By the time I reached Newport, having listened to the new Nine Inch Nails remix record on the way, I was in a much better mood (go figure). I had a grand time at the wedding, which is where I took the picture above. And I was much calmer when I picked Stephanie and Kaylee up that night, too. All was well by the end of the day.

What was the problem? Well, this project that I was working on was the problem. I was running out of time. It had to be handed in by Sunday evening, and I wasn’t even halfway through it before Thanksgiving came around, and then Stephanie’s illness. I was completely derailed by Saturday morning, and I was taking it out on everyone who wasn’t me. Going to the wedding, seeing old friends—that calmed me down considerably. And everything worked out in the end.