Hookers for Ron Paul and the Tragedy of Zoey Zane

Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, but what I want to know is whether Hof bothered to ask Paul about the all-too-important Santa issue before giving the congressman the thumbs up. I mean, on the one hand, you have a guy who employs dozens of sex workers (all of whom no doubt support an American adoption of Australian initiative banning mall-bound representatives of Saint Nick from chanting their obviously derogatory chant of “Ho, ho, ho!”), and on the other hand you’ve got a guy whose party is vehemently against the War on Christmas. How does Mr. Hof sleep at night?

And speaking of girls taking off their clothes for money, didja hear about the death of Emily Sander, who is believed to have led a double-life as nude model Zoey Zane? Sad, sad news. With the writers’ strike still on, how long until we see a special real-life edition of Law & Order dedicated to this case?