We canoed the Pemigewasset River today, for six miles, and I wasn’t at all happy about it. My canoeing and kayaking experiences have been traditionally shitty. From the very first time I went canoeing in Boy Scouts and was saddled with the Scoutmaster as a partner because I couldn’t swim well enough, all the way through my most recent prior experience in Hawaii, I have had a really rough time navigating rivers in tiny wooden boats. It has not exactly been my strong suit.

Today was okay though. It was a lot better than I expected it to be, despite terribly low water levels that caused us to get stuck on rocks an innumerable amount of times. Because I had the foresight to bring the pair of boat/canoe shoes I bought in Hawaii last year, we were able to navigate out of most of our entrapments fairly easily, with very few scars to show for it, save me aching ankles.

The trip went faster than expected to boot, which made my day. It wasn’t that I was trying to have a bad time. It was quite the opposite really. I was trying to have a good time. But in the end that was almost as tiring as the paddling. When we saw the marker for the location we were to be picked up at, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was running on empty.

It was the day I had been dreading when it came to this camping trip and it didn’t turn out half-bad. For that, I am eternally thankful.

Now the only thing I need is a shower.