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It’s been a while since I posted a bookshelf shot, and I was looking for comfort from my books on Wednesday evening, after a rejection letter arrived on my doorstep, so this seemed like the best possible way to sum up my day.

Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915, The Maritime History of Massachusetts, 1783-1860, A Midwife’s Tale, Hercules & Other Greek Myths, and Quarterlife Crisis are all books I’ve read while researching my novel’s backstory. You’ve Got to Read This, The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, and A Treasury of Short Stories are anthologies there for inspiration. O’Connor’s Collected Works needs no explanation, right?

The Lovely Bones has its problems, but pacing and imagination are not among them. Steven Cramer’s Goodbye to the Orchard is the only book of poetry that I pick up on a regular basis. We Were the Mulvaneys, The World Below and Middlesex are all narrative cousins of my novel-in-progress. Diablo Cody’s Candy Girl was read for research on one of my protagonists. Revolutionary Road was read because Michael Lowenthal told me it was brilliant, which it mostly was.

Dubus’s Selected Stories is there because nobody writes a better short story than Andre Dubus, in my opinion. Anne Rice’s Belinda has to be one of my favorite novels of all time; I’ve read it at least a half-dozen times. And Going Down features some of the best sex writing that I’ve yet read.