Squirrel Obesity

While we were hiking Mount Osceola today I spotted a very curious thing. A very curious thing to a suburbanite that is. What I saw while on our hike today was a thin, physically fit squirrel. Coming from a place where most squirrels are pudgy, this was quite a find for me. It got me thinking: What if the obesity problem plaguing Americans today doesn’t stop at human beings, but affects American animals as well.

I’m not obese anymore. I haven’t been for almost two years. Instead, I fall into the “overweight” category, which is where I’m sure most of us who went hiking today fall. I am a product of a fast-food society, and the squirrels I see on a regular basis are as well.

Today on our hike I spotted a wiry, agile squirrel. His diet consisted of nothing more than nuts and berries. He was eating the things a squirrel is meant to eat, and because of this, he looked the way a squirrel was meant to look.

The squirrels in suburbia are fat. They eat the scraps off our plates, the food we throw into our garbage cans. They eat the remains of shit we shouldn’t be eating ourselves. They grow bloated like the entirety of our society.

It does make me wonder whether the tree-huggers are right, whether we capitalist, meat-eating bastards are destroying the fucking planet. If even are squirrels are fat-asses now, how far can we be from the brink. How far are we from jumping off the cliff, as I joking suggested I might do at the top of the mountain today?

Not far enough away I think.